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Architect Design Process

Services and Fees:
At your convenience, an initial meeting will be scheduled, ideally at the proposed project site. This is a no obligation consultation…there is no cost to you. This consultation allows introductions, in depth discussion of project specifics and the opportunity to briefly review the project site relative to the proposed scope. Based on this meeting, a written “Proposal for Architectural Services” will be forwarded for your review and approval. The Proposal will briefly outline…. the project scope as discussed at our initial meeting….the scope of architectural services….and the associated fees. The majority of Proposals are prepared with a “fixed fee total” based on the project scope as discussed. Hourly rates will also be identified for Additional Services, if required. Examples of previous work and a list of references will also be presented for review at our initial meeting.

The following Architectural Services are typical with most projects:

Planning / Programming / Field Measurements:
A review of zoning ordinance / code requirements to verify project conformance relative to the proposed scope. Detailed discussions and exchange of ideas relative to project needs, desires, requirements, specific and / or special needs, furniture layout, circulation, natural light...type, size and function of spaces…exterior / interior aesthetics / appearance, etc. Any photos, sketches, etc. you have assembled that identify your likes and dislikes, concepts, etc., are reviewed. For addition and renovation projects, “as-built” measurements of existing floor plans and photographs of the interior and exterior are recorded of the areas which will be affected by the proposed new construction.

Preliminary Design / Design Development:
One..or more ..“preliminary” design solutions (floor plans and exterior elevations) are developed to illustrate the proposed concept, layout, appearance, etc. of your project. After considerable review and discussion, the plans and elevations are further “developed” and refined for your approval. Additional design ideas …..vaulted ceilings, two story open spaces, etc…..enhancements to the solution are also reviewed and incorporated.

Construction Documents:
“Significant” additional detail and specific information relative to the project scope and quality of work is incorporated into the set of drawings with this phase. Completed construction documents allow your contractors to establish your project construction cost, allow you to receive competitive bids from your contractors, allow you to submit for building permits and are the drawings used by your contractors for actual construction.

Construction Administration: (Additional Services)
During the course of construction, the Architect is available for site visits at the Owner’s request. Initiated by the Owner, all site visits…to review construction progress, specific details, etc….would be considered Additional Services billed on an hourly basis. The Architect is always available by phone, at any time during the project, to answer any questions by the Owner or the Owner’s contractors relative to the documents prepared by the Architect.

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